A BELOVED pet dog was rescued by a lifeboat volunteers after it became stuck on a harbour ledge.

The RNLI team was called to the Littlehampton harbour, near West Beach shortly after 6pm on Tuesday after being notified that attempts were being made by members of the public to rescue a dog stranded on a shingle bank.

Belinda Wilkins, who witnessed the incident, said she saw the dog, named Pasha, “excitedly run from the car park and jump on the harbour wall” before it slipped and fell into the harbour.

She said: “The dog was unable to stop and landed in the fast current and was swept down to an area of stone.”

The RNLI’s three volunteer crew were soon on the scene and pulled Pasha to safety onboard following her escapade on to the shingle bank that is exposed at low tide.

Video footage taken by Belinda show crew on the Littlehampton RNLI lifeboat pulling the dog to safety while being cheered on by onlookers.

The Argus: Pet dog Pasha became stuck on a shingle ledge in Littlehamption Harbour. Photo by Belinda WilkinsPet dog Pasha became stuck on a shingle ledge in Littlehamption Harbour. Photo by Belinda Wilkins

The lifeboat headed back to the slipway at Fishermans Quay where Pasha was able to be re-united with her owner.

Jon Prater, Deputy Launching Authority for Littlehampton RNLI, said dog owners should remain vigilant to make sure their pets do not get into difficulty in the water.

He said: “As lockdown eases and the weather improves more people are visiting the wonderful beaches at Littlehampton.

The River Arun is a fast flowing river and we would advise keeping dogs under close supervision in its environs.

If a dog does become trapped or is struggling against the current, rather than put themselves in harms way we would always ask members of the public to call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.”

A spokeswoman from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: “HM Coastguard was asked to assist with a report of a small dog stuck on a ledge on the River Arun near the pier.

“Littlehampton RNLI lifeboat was sent. They picked the dog up and returned it to the owners.”

During 2020, Littlehampton RNLI responded to 61 shouts.

These included coming to the aid of Robbie, an eight-year-old whippet who accidentally fell into the River Arun, assisting a kayaker in difficulties, preventing a yacht from grounding on Goring beach and towing a demasted yacht safely back to Littlehampton Harbour.