A TROUBLED youngster has been jailed for breaching the terms of his suspended sentence.

Jack Winstanley was given a reprieve over stealing cars and dangerous driving in Brighton and Newhaven as a youth.

The 18-year-old was supposed to be on a curfew, but found a way to remove the tag to monitor his movements.

While his unpaid work and rehabilitation sessions had not started because of the lockdown, a court heard how he had “wilfully” failed to work with the probation service.

It was also revealed that he faces serious accusations of inflicting grievous bodily harm, and rape of a minor.

At Hove Crown Court it was revealed the teenager was under investigation for those “serious matters” but has not been charged.

The case is being heard at Hove Crown Court

The case is being heard at Hove Crown Court

His Honour Judge Martin Huseyin heard how Winstanley, who has previously appeared on the Sussex Police’s most wanted list over failures to show up to court, has breached court orders and bail conditions.

At the hearing, Winstanley revealed he had been stabbed while on remand at Lewes Prison.

Cerys Sayers, prosecuting, said Winstanley had removed monitoring equipment for his curfew.

She said that despite Winstanley’s claims that he has “reached a crossroads”, he could not be trusted to comply.

“He may say one thing in March, but then disappears,” Ms Sayers said. “This is not just a breach, this is calculated circumvention of the court order, his second breach in as many months.”

She said: “He has been arrested for GBH and rape of a minor.”

Nicholas Hamblin, defending, said Winstanley has had a “chaotic life” and says his client does not think through his actions.

Jack Winstanley

Jack Winstanley

He said his client has trauma from childhood and suffers a form of post traumatic stress.

Winstanley was given the suspended sentence last October.

Judge Huseyin said he remembered that the teenager has a background of violence.

He said: “He has not just experienced family domestic violence himself, it was sort of as if he has been trained to be violent to others. There were multiple layers of abuse.”

The judge said he was not aware of the details of the new offences alleged against Winstanley, formerly of Widdicombe Way, Moulsecoomb.

Those matters have not yet been charged. Sussex Police was contacted for comment on the latest update concerning the case.

Winstanley was jailed for a total of 37 weeks, or nine months, for two counts of aggravated vehicle taking, driving without insurance, and without a valid licence.