POLICE officers have been called to a potential "unexploded ordnance" at a popular nature reserve.

Officers were called to Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve on Friday after reports of a historical unexploded object.

Writing on Twitter, Chichester Police were forced to wait for the Royal Navy to dispose of the device.

The force said: "Currently on scene at #Kingleyvale NNR after responding to the report of historical unexploded ordnance.

"If you find ordnance please leave it where it is.

"Call us on 999 and give the exact location using #what3words.

"Officers now awaiting for @RoyalNavy to dispose."

It comes days after the Royal Navy exploded a “mortar bomb” at Devil’s Dyke.

The force was called in to help Mid Sussex Police after a member of the public tipped them off about the suspected bomb at the beauty spot.

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