A PLAYFUL pod of dolphins was spotted off the coast of Brighton over the bank holiday weekend – and a charity is offering people the opportunity to see these incredible creatures in the wild.

Two separate sightings of bottlenose dolphins were recorded on Easter Sunday.

Martin Venables filmed the dolphins as they swam beside him in the sea and leapt from the water.

He took the video of the pod just off the coast of Brighton on Sunday morning.

The incredible video was submitted to Sussex Dolphin Project, an organisation which aims to “inspire and engage the local community to learn about the incredible marine wildlife off the Sussex coast”.

The charity received a separate video of what they believe to be the same pod of dolphins, taken by Daniel Young, just four miles off the coast of Seaford.

Sussex Dolphin Project keeps a record of the number of dolphins spotted off the Sussex coast as part of its research into the county’s marine mammal sightings.

This summer, the project is offering boat trips to people in Brighton to provide them with the opportunity to learn about, and hopefully see, some of the amazing marine wildlife that lives on the Sussex coast.

Thea Taylor, Sussex Dolphin Project lead said: “We’re delighted to announce the dates for Sussex Dolphin Project’s 2021 sunset wildlife cruises, which will run twice a month from May through to September, departing from Brighton Marina.

“Although dolphin sightings are rare this close to shore, you will learn all about our Sussex dolphins, porpoises, seals as well as the other amazing marine life including seabirds, seahorses and shark species. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.”

The cruises also offer guests a “unique view” of Brighton’s seafront as the sun sets from behind the West Pier and the i360.

All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to Sussex Dolphin Project.