A FOOTBALL club has paid tribute to a much-loved coach who has died from Covid-19.

Sam Faro, a coach at Worthing Town Football Club, died last Tuesday after falling ill with Coronavirus.

The 33-year-old had been involved with the club for the past 18 years and took on many roles, including as a player, coach and supporter.

Pauline Fox, the club's chief executive, said: "He was one of the nicest lads you could ever meet. He was passionate about the club and a hard working and all-round lovely bloke.

"Sam was always needed at work, but would move his catering work around so he was able to come to football. He used to come to the club straight after a shift.

"He was always doing something, he was full on and never stood still.

"At annual football festivals Sam would referee non-stop throughout a baking hot day. That was his level of dedication and he never did anything by half measures."

Pauline said the club are now considering ways they can permanently honour Sam’s memory.

She said: "We are collating our ideas, which consist potentially of a football festival, football marathon, a cup or an award, but most certainly something will be done and on a significant scale.

"Whatever we do will be discussed with Sam’s parents and will be done with complete respect to them."

Tributes for Sam have flooded in to the Worthing Town FC facebook page.

A tribute post written and published by the club has received more than 100 comments, with people sending their condolences and messages of support.