YAHOO Answers is being shut down after nearly two decades.

The site has been a magnet for trolls and pure comic genius, as well as a genuinely helpful resource before Google blew up and gave us everything we needed.

For the sake of posterity we decided to answer some of the questions about Brighton that people were asking in the site's late-00s heyday.

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Let's start with an easy one:


The Argus:

Depending on what part of Cornwall it takes approximately five hours and six minutes - 294.6 miles. Next!


The Argus:

Excuse me? It really depends what bands your after, I mean we've had more than our fair share of incredible bands and musicians perform here in Brighton including The Beatles, Foo Fighters and Abba!


The Argus:

Very random and pretty unique to the Brighton area, lots of places end in dead for example, Rottingdean and Saltdean.

The Dean/Dene suffix on the end of a place name is thought to trace its roots back to the Old English word 'denu', which means 'a little valley'. 


The Argus:

It really depends what you're into - anything you can think of, Brighton has probably got.

From the Beach Box Spa on the beach to Phileas Foggs World of Adventures which is a hilarious team game experience for all the family.

If you want a spook then there are a whole host of ghost walking tours of the town that you can join. Expect tales of gory murders, terrifying ghosts, rowdy poltergeists and more than a few Jack-the-Ripper references.

5.The Argus:

Brighton is the unofficial gay capital of the UK and the city hosts one of the biggest Pride events annually in the country - there are lots of gay bars, but there could always be more!

Here are just a handful of the gay bars and clubs: Revenge, The Basement, Don't Tell Mama aka D.T.M, The Queens Arms and Affinity to name a few.


The Argus:

Okay, we may have said Brighton has everything you could look for and maybe this question proves it... 

Answers on Yahoo suggested visiting the university's art department or popping into B&Q for a plaster kit. 

However, the extremely successful Brighton Bodycasting studio is world famous for producing genital casts. 

Founder Jamie is famous for his socio political artworks and in particular those intended to alleviate genital anxiety. Four hundred women participated by having their vulvas cast for the now world famous sculpture, The Great Wall of Vagina, an iconic piece of feminist art, intended to change the lives of women forever. 

He makes plaster, resin and bronze sculptures of people's bodies and baby bumps and can even make a life-sized mannequin!