A TROUBLED teenager convicted over a shocking bottle attack was back in court for possessing two knives at a pub.

Bradley Garrett caused outrage when he smashed a Champagne bottle into the face of Yehsung Kim in Brighton.

Video footage of the racist incident went viral, and the attack left the Korean student needing £2,000 worth of dental bills.

At first Garrett, who was 15 at the time of the attack, was given a suspended sentence because of the delay in the case coming to court.

But last year he was sent into youth detention for admitting being drunk and disorderly, when His Honour Judge Stephen Mooney finally lost patience with the 19-year-old.

The judge ordered him to be detained for 18 months, activating the suspended sentence for grievous bodily harm.

Last month he was back in court where he admitted possessing a seven-inch and an eight-inch blade at the Red Lion pub in Handcross.

A further three months was added to his spell of detention in a youth offenders' institution.

Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard how he had gone to the pub on August 28 last year and was found in possession of the weapons.

Previously, The Argus reported how the bottle attack took place on Mr Kim in North Street, Brighton in October 2017.

Garrett and pal Louis Barrett were out with friends and caused a disturbance at a Japanese restaurant.

Barrett, now 21, created a “febrile atmosphere of hatred and aggression” and called Mr Kim a “f****** Asian”.

He was originally jailed for 20 months for racist harassment and racist common assault, which happened when he was 17.

Last summer Barrett, formerly of Temple Grove, Burgess Hill, was back in court for assaulting his mother after his prison release, and was jailed for a further eight weeks.

Garrett had smashed a wine bottle into Mr Kim’s face.

He was given the suspended sentence, but before lockdown it was revealed Garrett had not been attending unpaid work or sessions with the probation service.

He had only completed six hours out of 160 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Stephen Mooney gave him a chance to show his commitment and delayed sentencing to see if the youngster would change his ways.

In July, the judge warned him he had three months to set an example and get his life back on track.

But he was jailed when he admitted drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Garrett, formerly of Pierces Lane, Haywards Heath, was sentenced at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on March 15.