A MOTHER whose baby starved to death while she celebrated her 18th birthday had left her child home alone "eleven times before," it has been revealed.

Verphy Kudi was living in Gochers Court, supported living in Brighton, when she left her child Asiah for six days while she partied around the country.

It has now been revealed that Brighton and Hove City Council were reportedly told about a "safeguarding incident" – but a decision was still made to take Asiah off a child protection plan.

Last month, Kudi, now 19, pleaded guilty to manslaughter of the 20-month-old.

Verphy Kudi admitted manslaugher last month

Verphy Kudi admitted manslaugher last month

The Times reports that Kudi had left Asiah home alone on 11 previous occasions, according to the prosecution at her bail hearing in Hove last year.

The paper reports that concerned staff at the accommodation for vulnerable families had reportedly spoken to Kudi on the first occasion.

YMCA DownsLink Group, which runs Gocher Court, said staff were “aware of a safeguarding incident” which involved Kudi in October.

Authorities had been contacted at the time, the organisation said.

Last month, The Argus revealed that despite Kudi’s troubled past, her baby was not under the watch of social services.

Asiah had been placed on a child protection plan. This is a plan drawn up by local authorities for children considered at risk.

However, little Asiah was no longer on a child protection plan at the time of her death, nor was she being helped by social work services.

Brighton and Hove City Council was asked why Asiah had been taken off a child protection plan despite reportedly being made aware of safeguarding issue.

A spokesman declined to respond to the allegation, or The Argus’s question.

Baby Asiah was not on a child protection plan when she died

Baby Asiah was not on a child protection plan when she died

He referred us to a previous statement, which said: “We have been deeply saddened by this tragedy.

“The case is currently the subject of both criminal and coroner proceedings, and the city’s Safeguarding Children Partnership is also conducting a review of the circumstances in to the tragic death of this young child.

“We have fully supported the police investigation, and are committed to doing this with the Coroner’s Court.  We are also working with the Safeguarding Children Partnership in its review and taking learning from this.

“Asiah was not on a child protection plan and was not involved with social work services when she died.

“Any concerns raised by Verphy’s family will be taken into account as part of the coroner’s investigation.

“It would not be appropriate for us to comment further while the criminal and coroner proceedings, and Safeguarding Practice Review are ongoing.”

Kudi had been referred to “low-supported accommodation” and was placed in the “independent living flats” at Gochers Court.

She and Asiah had been living there for 11 weeks when the 20-month-old died.

CCTV showed Kudi left the flat on December 5, 2019, leaving her daughter alone to become hungry and thirsty.

Kudi did not return until December 11 when she called 999 to say her baby would not wake up.

Asiah was pronounced dead on arrival at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton.

A few days later, staff at Gochers Court contacted police after reviewing CCTV footage.