A REMARKABLE couple have celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary after beating coronavirus.

Eric and Molly Martin, who married in 1951, both became ill with Covid-19 in January this year.

But after just two-week period of illness, the pair made a full recovery and were “thrilled” to mark their 70th wedding anniversary with their immediate family.

The Argus: Eric and Molly Martin on their wedding dayEric and Molly Martin on their wedding day

Linda Martin, the couple’s daughter said she has taken “great comfort” in knowing her parents were able to support one another through their battle with the disease.

Linda said: “It’s that generation isn’t it?

"We were saying how amazing it was that they just lived through it really.”

The Argus: Eric and Molly Martin Eric and Molly Martin

Eric, 96 and Molly, 91, lived in St George’s Place, opposite St Peters Church in Brighton when they married on March 31, 1951.

The happy couple have lived at their home in Hollingbury for the last 56 years and have spent the last year shielding together.

“They’ve all been good years,” said Eric.

When the couple first met, Molly was working at greengrocers in Brighton and Eric worked as a machine tool engineer at Kearney and Trekker.

The Argus: The couple on their wedding dayThe couple on their wedding day

But it was at Molly’s sister Bettie’s 21st birthday party where the couple first set eyes upon one another.

Linda, 68 said: “My mum’s family had this really big party.

“Dad said he knocked on the door of this house where there was all this music playing and then as someone answered the door, they thrust a pint of beer in his hand.

“He walked in and saw mum sitting on the sofa and I think that was it more or less.”

They are now proud great-grandparents of one, grandparents of two and parents of two.

Linda said they are looking forward to the further easing of restrictions so they can organise a larger celebration.

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