A WOMAN who bit, scratched and kicked police officers was spared a prison sentence over her latest crime spree.

Naomi Pelling appeared in court over assaults, abuse, burglary and shop thefts in Eastbourne.

The 43-year-old became a terror for her neighbours, daubing the word “nonce” over one man’s door.

On another occasion she attacked neighbours Patricia Bingham and Alan Taylor by punching them and throwing chairs at them.

Lewes Crown Court heard how Pelling had on one occasion attacked a paramedic in the back of an ambulance, and thrown her face mask at them.

She appeared for sentencing, and it was revealed that Pelling is now wheelchair bound after losing her leg in an amputation to treat her heroin addiction.

Pelling also lost her long term partner who died as a result of his own addiction to the class A drug.

Lewes Crown Court.

Lewes Crown Court.

Kyle Fournillier, prosecuting, said Pelling has 33 previous convictions for 79 offences.

The court heard how she went to The Range store in Eastbourne where she was seen eating chocolate bars.

She threw the wrappers on the floor before falling asleep in her wheelchair.

When roused, she refused to pay for the items and staff found she had also tried to hide other chocolate bars in her wheelchair.

She then lost her temper and started throwing items off the shelves from her wheelchair before assaulting two staff members.

Pelling rammed the wheelchair into the staff to attack them during the rampage, Mr Fournillier said.

She then attacked a paramedic as she was being taken to hospital.

The Range store at Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne

The Range store at Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne

The court also heard how Pelling burgled Mr Taylor’s home, and when arrested she kicked one officer in he groin and scratched the other. It was revealed she also tried to bite an officer.

On another occasion she accused her neighbours of talking about her, then launched attacks on them when they denied speaking about her.

She accused neighbours of interfering with her wheelchair, and scrawled abuse on their doors accusing them of being “paedophiles”.

Pelling, formerly of Elm Avenue, Eastbourne, admitted assaulting emergency workers, assaulting neighbours, including occasioning Mr Taylor actual bodily harm by punching him in the head.

She also admitted criminal damage to neighbours’ front doors, shoplifting, and burglary.

Justin Rivett, defending, said his client has now turned her life around after nearly 20 years of heroin addiction.

Losing her limb from thrombosis due to her drug addiction was a “wake up call” as well as her partner’s death from the drug, Mr Rivett said.

His Honour Judge Martin Huseyin imposed an 18-month or 76-week suspended prison sentence.

Pelling was put under curfew for three months and told to do 30 rehabilitation sessions with probation.

She must also pay £200 compensation, £250 costs and a £156 surcharge, and was put under a restraining order not to contact her former neighbours for five years.

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