A NEW discovery centre is set to open "very soon" - as long as Covid-19 restrictions allow it.

Sussex Wildlife Trust have taken over ownership of the discovery centre to oversee the remaining construction.

The centre has been in the works since April 2018 and is now almost ready to welcome visitors.

It is planned to be open to crowds in May this year, offering people shelter, exhibitions, displays and facilities such as a cafe and toilets.

The Argus: Rye Harbour discovery centre. Credit: Stuart ConwayRye Harbour discovery centre. Credit: Stuart Conway

Centre manager Liz Grant said: “We are very excited to be hopefully opening very soon, we are of course following the government guidelines as to when and how we can do this, we are currently carrying out the final stages of fit out and will open as soon as we are ready and it is safe to do so.”

“Feeling welcomed and comfortable at the discovery centre will enable us to develop long term relationships with the local community and visitors from further afield making it a place to return to again.”

Once open, the centre will be run by Sussex Wildlife Trust, which will also be supported by Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

The site where the centre has been built used to be occupied by Lilm Kiln Cottage, however it was decided that the cottage was to crowded, damp and liable to flooding.

The centre boasts impressive views and will provide easy access to birdwatching, grasslands, saltmarsh and a shoreline.

As the centre is in a reserve it has been built with green features incorporated into it.

The Argus: Rye Harbour discovery centre. Credit: Barry YatesRye Harbour discovery centre. Credit: Barry Yates

The building itself is made from locally sourced materials as well as steel and concrete.

There are also photovoltaic panels covering half of the roof to help harness the power from the sun.

The heating is being supplied by air sourced heat pumps.