A PHOTOGRAPHER has won an award for a picture he took using a drone on a trip to Iceland.

Hugo Healy has won the The People's Choice Award at the British Photography Awards for a picture he took off the southern coast of Iceland.

The 25-year-old, from Brighton, said: “I captured these dramatic views from the southern coast of Iceland during my best road trip to date.

"I stitched from four images to give a unique perspective of this very special, stunning road."

"I was captivated by the juxtaposition of the road against the landscape, and I knew that I had to return at sunrise to capture it in the perfect light”.

The opportunity for the photo came when Hugo was on a road trip around the Atlantic island.

The Argus: The winning picture.The winning picture.

He said: “Having arrived at 3am, in the dark, the daylight slowly emerged until it flooded the scene with golden rays, striking the mountain peaks, creating dramatic contrast. This image has a special light and colour contrast.”

“I wanted to re-create it for others, portray the sense of wonder, awe and desire to explore, as these were the feelings that I experiences in this magical location. I want to encourage others to pack their car, hit the road and explore these wondrous hidden places of our world.”

Hugo entered the British Photography Awards for the first-time last year and he came runner up in the drone category. This year, however, Hugo went one further and won the award. The win means a lot to Hugo who has really wanted to win it for a while.

The vertical panoramic photo was taken using his Mavic 2 Pro drone camera for his collection Costal Peaks.

The Argus: Cuckmere Haven captured by HugoCuckmere Haven captured by Hugo

Hugo graduated from Screen and Film School, formerly known as Brighton Film School, now splits his time between living in Fulking and Saudi Arabia, said: “It’s crazy and pretty overwhelming".

"It is such a prestigious award, it is amazing that I have won it, especially after coming so close last year and not making it. It is a great title to have, and it means loads to me.”

There are two awards in the competition, the people’s choice award and the judge’s award. It is not possible to win both in the same year. Hugo already has his eyes set on the award for next year.

The Argus: Bodiam Castle, Sussex captured by HugoBodiam Castle, Sussex captured by Hugo

“It is my aim for next year to win the judges award. I have some good images lined up that I will be submitting. I feel like they could win, I think they are even better than the one that won this year.”

Hugo, has developed an audience for his photography, he specialises in drone and aerial photography. Travelling far and wide Hugo has captured images from all over world.

You can view more of Hugo’s work on his Instagram by - clicking here.