CHANNEL 4 is looking for volunteers to take part in a new show about having a simpler life.

The show is looking for people in Brighton who are willing to give up all types of technology for a few months.

This will mean volunteers will have to do without their smartphones, Zoom calls, social media, Amazon, pretty much everything considered essential in today’s society.

Instead of the modern distractions, people will have to live their life in a simpler way and see if it is better than without the multitude of choice that modern technology has provided people with.

The Argus: Channel 4 want people to live a simpler lifeChannel 4 want people to live a simpler life

Channel 4 are looking for people of all variety to volunteers from young to old, families and single people. The volunteers will have to relocate into the rural world to help separate themselves from the temptation of modern luxuries.

People who volunteer will not have to worry about loss of income either as Channel 4 will contribute towards loss of earnings.