A BANKSY-style artwork has appeared in a city centre street.

The mural sprung up on a wall on the corner of South Street and West Pallant in Chichester around three days ago.

While there is no confirmation the piece is by the famed artist, it does bear a similar stencilled style.

The Argus: The "Banksy" has appeared in Chichester. Photo by Walter FranciscoThe "Banksy" has appeared in Chichester. Photo by Walter Francisco

It shows two rats following a cat, holding signs that read “It’s Priti Awful” and “Kill the Bill.”

The signs are referring to the protests that have taken place in recent weeks in opposition to the government's new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill.

The original graffiti of a multi-coloured cat was created by artist JPS in 2018.

Walter Francisco, cinema director and programmer at the Chichester Cinema in New Park spotted the artwork.

He said: “I walk from my work to the train station everyday and have always loved the cat.

“So when I saw he had two little followers, I just had to take pictures.”

The Argus: A possible Banksy has also appeared in NewhavenA possible Banksy has also appeared in Newhaven

The artwork is the second potential Banksy to have been spotted in the county in as many months.

A walker in Newhaven said she was getting her daily exercise when she came across what she believes to be a Banksy artwork opposite a new housing development which is being constructed in The Fairway on the western edge of the town, off the A259.

It shows a little girl holding the hand of a furry creature with a sad face, looking at a bulldozer belching out black smoke.

The message reads: “Green fields are gone forever. These homes are not affordable.”

The stencil artwork also shows black smudges of tractor tracks and the stumps of felled trees.

It appears to question the affordability of the homes, while also raising concerns about the environment.

In February, a Banksy mural that appeared in a street in Nottingham was sold to an Essex-based art collector for an undisclosed six-figure sum.