A DOMESTIC abuser assaulted an off duty police officer who tried to intervene after hearing a woman’s cries for help.

Joseph Moore had a row with his former partner Carey Smith in Horsham.

PC Emma O’Dwyer heard her screams from a neighbouring property and found Ms Smith on the phone having dialled 999.

When the off-duty officer confronted Moore, he ignored her, ran past and shoved her out of the way into a brick wall.

Hove Crown Court heard how there had been a pattern of domestic violence in the former relationship before Moore went to live in Spain.

After being returned to face the charges the 27-year-old, who is serving a seven-year sentence for burglary, admitted assault and criminal damage.

Hove Crown Court. Image: Google

Hove Crown Court. Image: Google

Peter Pride, prosecuting, said the incident happened in 2016, where Moore damaged Ms Smith’s car door, bedroom door and hair straighteners.

“This was a domestic violence matter,” the prosecutor said. “There was a pattern of domestic violence and she reported a number of occasions on unspecified dates in 2016, including him pulling her hair.

“He had a short temper and would often break things.

“An off duty officer went to assist, knocked on the door and saw Ms Smith asking for help on the phone to the emergency services.

“The officer saw there had clearly been a domestic incident between Carey Smith and Joseph Moore.

“When she asked the defendant what had happened he ignored her and went out towards the car.

“As she put out her right hand to stop him and warn him, he ran past her and pushed her over sideways.”

Moore, formerly of Blenheim Road, Horsham, had previously had a row with Ms Smith at his parents home and stormed out, causing damage to the car doors of his parents.

A female victim of domestic violence (Picture: PA)

A female victim of domestic violence (Picture: PA)

He failed to attend his trial for burglary and was convicted in his absence when he went to Spain.

It was revealed he is serving a seven year sentence for burglary and may face other matters in Spain.

The judge, Mr Recorder David Brock, said the off-duty officer had heard Ms Smith’s screams for help.

Because of the length of time since the crime the judge did not impose a new restraining order. He imposed a “nominal” sentence of four months in prison which will be served at the same time as his current jail term.