A FEW years ago, I planted some wallflowers in the beach garden at the front of the house.

They have spread profusely and create a wonderful splash of colour at this time of year, popping up though the lobster pots.

They are certainly not a plant to overlook, being very versatile and able to cope with any soil type, plus they are easy to grow and maintain.

Wallflowers can be grown from seed, or purchased as large plants or plug plants.

Flowering from spring to early summer, they will fill beds, borders and containers with a delightful scent.

Mine have been flowering for many years now and I love them.

It is looking more positive for my open garden events this summer. The three days I’m opening for are the National Garden Scheme ( June 29, July13 and August 1) are booking well.

Visitors will not be able to gain entry to the garden unless they have pre-booked a ticket online, so if you missed seeing Driftwood last year click on the NGS logo on the home page of my website to book your visit now.

There will be just 14 people admitted in any one hour with tea and cake served at your table too, if required.

I don’t know about you, but this week I’ve spent quite a lot of time watering.

Many of my containers had really begun to dry out and needed a soaking.

Even the flower beds themselves were getting very dry too.

The promised rain last weekend never really materialised in Seaford, so out came the hosepipe and watering can.

A big job I’m itching to get done is to clean out the greenhouse for the summer

But the weather has been far too cold recently to enable me to empty it of its winter occupants and place them back outside in the garden.

In particular, the aeoniums are usually coming out about now but I think it will be a couple of weeks yet before I can start to arrange them around the garden.

If you want to get out and visit a garden this weekend, Banks Farm near Lewes will be open today and tomorrow for the National Garden Scheme.

They have 25 tickets available in each of five hourly slots starting at 11am on both days.

It may be worth checking online at www.ngs.org.uk to see if there are any tickets remaining.

It is a nine-acre country garden with lakes and ponds.

Read more of Geoff’s Garden at www.driftwoodbysea.co.uk