DRIVERS in Brighton and Hove are among the most stressed motorists in the UK, a new study claims.

The team at analysed nearly 60,000 traffic-related Tweets and ran them through a sentiment and stress analysis tool called TensiStrength.

They removed Tweets from traffic update accounts then, using the post coordinates of each Tweet, they were able to determine the cities whose roads cause the most stress in Britain.

And Brighton and Hove came out as the area with the second highest ratio of stressed Tweets, with 71.4 per cent of traffic social media posts venting road-users’ anger.

Only Telford in the West Midlands posted a higher score, with a startling 83.3 per cent of Tweets about traffic conveying a message of frustration.

Preston finished in third with 69.2 per cent, Plymouth came next with 68.8 per cent and Edinburgh rounded off the top five with 66.4 per cent.

Southend had the least stressed drivers, the study claimed, with just 10.9 per cent of road-related Tweets used for venting.

Using the same methodology, also calculated the UK roads which left drivers feeling the most stressed.

However, Sussex highways such as the A27, A259 and A23 avoided the top spots.

First place instead went to the A12, which stretches from London, through Essex, to the coastal town of Lowestoft in the north-eastern corner of Suffolk.

Overall, 92.9 per cent of Tweets about this road were stressful in sentiment.

It was followed by the A1 with 91.6 per cent and the A13 with 86.9 per cent.

See the data in full here