CYCLISTS are taking to the road today as part of a healthy initiative.

The Big Pedal initiative was set up by Sustrans, a charity which promotes healthier and happier commutes for people by making it easier to walk and cycle.

The aim of the Big Pedal is to get kids and adults out of the car lanes and into the cycle lanes for their commute to school.

So far 2,127 schools have signed up with an estimated 721,031 pupils taking part in the event across the country which will run until the 30 April.

Sustrans believes that there are many benefits to active travel during the coronavirus pandemic and that people will still be able to practice social distancing.

A spokesman said: “Active travel is great for your physical health and mental wellbeing, helps to reduce congestion outside of the school gate, and is possible to do this whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines.”

For this year’s challenge there are four categories which people can participate in. There are three categories that will take five days, one for small primary schools - under 250 pupils - one for large primary schools - over 250 pupils - and one for secondary schools.

The last category is the one day challenge which all schools can participate in.

The Argus: AT RISK: In the past three years there have been more than 800 bicycle thefts in Worcester. Picture: Paul Jackson. 45351810

Brighton and Hove City Council has encouraged people to sign up and take part. The council hopes people will ditch the cars and take to their bikes for the next eleven days for their commute, trip to the shops or even just for leisure.

They will be monitoring how far people go in order to see who the most active cyclists are. People will have to track their progress through filling in progress sheets on Big Pedal's website and people at the top of charts by the end of the period could win rewards.

Winners of the awards could choose between a £50 voucher for a service at the Bike Shed, a £50 voucher for a refurbished bike purchase from Cranks or a £40 voucher for a bike service at Rhythm and Bikes.


Cyclists will be able to double their points if they cycle along the seafront cycle lane during this time.

You can find the sheets to fill out your progress here: