A MAN had his moped seized after speeding by police without wearing a helmet.

Officers watched as he passed them "at speed" in Worthing before pulling him over.

The rider then told police the electric moped could reach speeds of between 30 and 40mph.

He did not have insurance or a full licence so police seized his vehicle.

Writing on Twitter, Sussex Roads Police said: "This electric moped passed us in Worthing at speed.

"Upon stopping the rider told us that it would do 30 - 40mph.

"He wasn't wearing a helmet, he doesn't have insurance or a full licence and the vehicle isn't registered.

"Vehicle seized and rider reported to court."

It comes days after police seized a moped for riding anti-socially twice in the last year.

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Brighton and Hove Police issued reminders to the rider for his behaviour.

Writing on Twitter, the force said: "Vehicle seized for riding antisocially twice in the last 12 months.

"Section 59 warnings given! Keeping the roads safe!

"Remember to drive carefully and safely!"