FOOTBALL fans have taken to social media to make their feelings about a new proposed super league known.

Six teams in England have signed up for the new European Super League, which will limit the inclusion for other teams in the country. Fans are furious with the news and are concerned about the repercussions it will have on the English football pyramid.

Brighton may not be in contention for the Champions League right now but the new format will affect the club’s future competitiveness with the world’s best teams.

Ryan Adsett, Brighton fan and founder of the TSR network told the Argus: “My thoughts on the ESL are as simple as, it is an utter disgrace. It is simply a ploy to make the richer teams richer, and that is all.“

“There’s no competition, there’s no thought towards fans, just money. It is everything football shouldn’t be.”

Fans also took to twitter to vent their frustration with the plans. One fan went after J.P. Morgan, the bank that is funding the new ESL.

The Brighton Bard tweeted: “Listen J.P. Morgan, I know it is money you want to create, investing billions in projects around the world and in the States. But us ‘soccer’ fans, tonight say the same, get your dirty, grubby hands, off our game.”

The Brighton Rock Pod also expressed their anger about the new plans.

They told the Argus: "Albion have fought for decades to earn their place at the top table. Now, The Greedy Six, owned by avaricious investors with absolutely no regard for the culture and nuances of our great sport."

"They have made decisive moves towards banishing us and others of our kind to the pantry, inviting privileged cousins to dine in our stead and offering us only crumbs from football's sumptuous feast!"

Twitter account We Are Brighton wants the teams that have signed up for the new competition to be kicked out of the Premier League.

We Are Brighton told the Argus: "If the big six want to take their ball and play each other in a 12 team league where half the games are meaningless because there is no threat of relegation, then let them get on with it."

"The Premier League should kick them out of domestic football and let the rest of us get on with it in a division where integrity and fairness are important than share prices, commercial money and sportswashing."

Another Brighton fan decided to welcome back Sheffield United to the Premier League after the rumours that the six teams that signed up for the ESL could exiled from the competition. This was before taking a shot at the clubs that have signed up for the ESL.

The Cowfold Seagull tweeted: “Relegated on Saturday, reinstated as a EPL club on Monday. Welcome back Sheffield United and good riddance to those that have decided to join the dirty dozen."

"We look forward to more entertaining and competitive EPL next season.”