POLICE responded to more than 1,000 reports of burglary in Brighton and Hove last year, according to official figures.

Data from police.uk shows that there were 1,219 reports of burglary between January 2020 and December 2020.

This is the equivalent to more than three offences a day.

Burglary is defined as 'entering a building or part of a building as a trespasser intent to commit theft, grievous bodily harm or criminal damage; or, having entered as a trespasser, stealing or inflicting/attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm,' according to the Theft Act 1968.

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Here are the 12 roads in Brighton with the most reported offences of burglary between January 2020 and December 2020:

1) Prince Albert Street - 13

2) London Road - 10

3) Grand Parade - 10 

4) Old Shoreham Road - 9 

5) Beaconsfield Road - 8

6) Windsor Street - 8

7) Manor Hill - 7

8) Duke Street - 7 

9) Landsdowne Road - 6

10) Trafalgar Court - 6

11) Upper Market Street - 6

12) Kingsway - 6

The Argus:

London Road was the worst road for burglary offences ( Stock)

What is the maximum penalty for someone convicted of burglary? 

The maximum sentence that can be passed to an individual who is convicted of burglary, as set out in the Theft Act, is as follows: 14 years if the burglary was committed in a building that is a dwelling or 10 years if the burglary was carried out in any other building.

Monthly crime numbers for 2020

Despite being in a lockdown or under government restrictions due to the global coronavirus pandemic, crime levels remained steady throughout most of the year. 

The month with the lowest level of reported crime was December with 2,226 offences reported in Brighton and Hove

Whereas August saw the highest rate of reported crime with 3,849. 

Here are the number of crimes reported each month in 2020: 

January -  2,782

February -  2,786

March - 2,518

April - 3,217

May - 3,283

June - 3,382

July - 3,549

August - 3,849

September - 3,387

October - 3,067

November - 2,475

December - 2,226

The total number of crimes reported to Sussex Police was 36,520 last year in Brighton and Hove. 

Crime statistics context

It is important to note that crime statistics alone do not tell the full story of a community and multiple factors can impact and contribute to crime levels. 

Nevertheless publicly available information on the police.uk website is a useful way for people to get a feeling for areas affected by crime.

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