A SUSSEX woman has been featured in her own episode of Hoarder Homes on Channel 5 after struggling to keep on top of her hoarding behaviour.

The latest episode of Hoarder Homes: No Room To Move was filmed in a Lancing home that had got so cluttered it left owner Judith in tears as she struggled to live in amongst the chaos.

After the passing of her mother and an Aspergers diagnosis, Judith's hoarding became out of hand -  the show follows Judith as she tries to take back her life.

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Channel 5's hit show aims to help some of Britain's worst hoarders declutter their homes with the help of expert guests.

Judith featured in the third episode of the new season and viewers were shown clips of her two-bedroom home where nearly every room was full to the brim with items.

She said: "It just makes me want to cry.

"It's weird just, how is this my life?

"How is this what I've created? It just doesn't make sense."

The Argus:

Judith struggled to declutter the home on her own (Crackit)

The episode shows Judith unable to enter the main bedroom as it is piled high with years worth of clutter.

A number of rooms in Judith's home are inaccessible due to her hoarding habits and with various windows left open that she is unable to shut, the house had become a health and safety hazard.

She said: "I don't actually need all of this stuff and that's the irony of it.

"I always had this dream that all of my stuff would fit in my car and I could just go anywhere."

In a tour of her home, Judith showed how she and Two Socks were having to live in one room which she described as a 'multi-purpose space'. 

In one clip her bathroom is shown to be full of belongings including in the bath, throughout the floor and around the toilet.

The Argus:

Judith was living out of one room with her dog (Crackit - All rights reserved).

Judith explained that two years ago she had been diagnosed with Aspergers which has contributed to her hoarding.

She said: "It's like I've made a wall so I have protection from the outside and I'm walling myself in.

"I fill it up with so much mess no one can come in anyway and then I don't have to worry about social invites and helping people because I'm not in a situation where I can do that.

"But I'm sabotaging myself at the same time and it really does feel quicksand.

"I'm proving that I have a problem and I need some help here, I don't know what to do."

Extreme cleaners were invited into her home to help Judith get back on top of things and assess the situation.

The cleaners started in the bedroom and found that Judith was getting overwhelmed from all of the memories the clearance was bringing up. 

After her mum passed-away Judith's hoarding stepped-up a level as she struggled to come to terms with her loss.

When her mum died Judith inherited all of her belongings so asked an expert bereavement councillor to help go through some of the items. 

The expert cleaners along with Judith managed to clear more than two skips worth of clutter from her bungalow.

At the end of the program, a dramatic reveal is shown in which Judith expressed how much this would help to change her life. 

You can watch the full episode on My5.