Trader of the Week today is Suzie Volkes, 35, who runs Boss Gym at Harvington Business Park, Brampton Road, Eastbourne, with her co-owners.

What does your business do?

Boss Gym is a bodybuilding and combat sport gym designed for the everyday person. We want everyone to be welcome and have a friendly and conformable place to workout and get fit.

Where is it?

Eastbourne, close to Hampden Park train station.

From left, Sasha Tiffen, Suzie Volkes, Courtney Frazer-Bates, Sophie Knott, Ronnie Paura, Ross Dickerson, Dan Walker. Right, Suzie and Courtney

From left, Sasha Tiffen, Suzie Volkes, Courtney Frazer-Bates, Sophie Knott, Ronnie Paura, Ross Dickerson, Dan Walker. Right, Suzie and Courtney

How many on your team and who are they?

We have a team of seven of us who are owners including the fitness sensation Ross Dickerson. Courtney Frazer-Bates and I look after the gym and studio, Ronnie Paura and Sophie Knott run the fight club and our Boss Stop and Shop, which is our on-site barbers, sun bed and therapists and we have the newest additions to the team, Dan Walker, Sasha Tiffen and Ross. We also have a team of personal trainers and combat coaches working from the gym – bodybuilding champion Roy McLean and the European IBJJF 2018 Champion Georgij Rogolev.

How long have you been going?

The company started in June 2020 and we officially opened our doors in September 2020, meaning due to lockdown we have been closed as long as open.

Boss gym, Eastbourne

Boss gym, Eastbourne

How did the idea for your business come about?

Courtney, my partner and business partner, and I love sports and fitness and Courtney had always wanted to own a gym. During lockdown Courtney and a friend, Nick, came together to launch Boss Gym, I subsequently invested and joined the team in September, Ronnie and Sophie joined in the November and Dan, Sasha and Ross joined recently when Nick decided to part ways.

How have you coped/adapted during the pandemic?

Well, we have been closed under lockdown regulations as long as we have been open so, it has had its ups and downs but we get such great feedback about the gym and each lockdown has given us the chance to regroup and really focus on how we can put Boss Gym on the map. We really want to be an integral part of the area, where people come to us because they love the vibe and they feel comfortable in our gym.

Inside Boss Gym, Eastbourne

Inside Boss Gym, Eastbourne

What would you like to tell people about your business?

Boss Gym has been created to be a place for gym lovers and especially for those who feel self conscious and lack confidence. Myself, Courtney and the other original owner Nick had all suffered from a lack of confidence and the gym helped each of us grow in confidence whether that was through weight lifting, getting fit or through combat sports and that’s what we want for our members.

We are here to break down stereotypes and barriers and be here for as many people as possible.


What are your plans/hopes for the future?

Boss Gym Eastbourne is just the start. Once we are embedded in the community, where we help play a part of the vision for the town and are the go-to gym, we want to start expanding across Sussex, and then further. We want to take part in community initiatives, get more women into health and fitness, run pathways for children and teens looking to get into combat sport, and provide safe spaces for adults with disabilities.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Only that we are open seven days a week so you can come and try us £5 for five days, meet the team and get comfortable.