HUNDREDS of people are expected to march through the city this bank holiday weekend in protest against a controversial bill - which falls on International Workers' Day.

People from across the city will march in a public display of opposition to the government's new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill.

The demonstration is set to take place at 1pm in The Level and is expected to draw a large crowd as May 1 is a date when protests traditionally take place.

The controversial bill looks to increase the maximum penalty for criminal damage of less than £5,000 to a memorial from three months to ten years’ imprisonment, the same maximum sentence for non-sexual child abuse.

It would also grant police additional powers to restrict protests by imposing start and finish times and setting noise limits.

These limitations could be applied to a protest involving a single person.

A further two protests are also scheduled to take place in Eastbourne and Chichester on Saturday.

Writing on Twitter, Kill the Bill Brighton said: "Rally to Kill the Bill, called by Brighton and Hove Trades Council.

"Meet at 1.00pm, Saturday, May 1, on Brighton Level.

The Argus: Hundreds have gathered in The Level for previous Kill the Bill protests Hundreds have gathered in The Level for previous Kill the Bill protests

"We will be there, celebrating the right to protest - it's a May Day tradition."

International Workers' Day - also known as Labour Day - is an important date for socialists, anarchists and those on the left.

According to the coronavirus guidance issued by the government, protests can go ahead “where the organiser has taken the required precautions, including the completion of a risk assessment.”

Before the rule change, organisers of gatherings involving more than 30 people faced £10,000 fines.

Some travel disruption is expected as protesters march through the city.

Earlier this month, Buses were stuck on North Street for more than 30 minutes as protesters held a sit-in near the Jubilee Clock Tower in Brighton.

Passengers were spotted getting off the buses and leaving on foot as the drumming group sparked a flash-mob like dance party in the middle of the junction.