JUST when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… footage has emerged of a 'SHARK' apparently circling in the shallows off a Sussex beach.

Ty Coates was with a friend at Hove Lawns at 7pm on Friday (April 30) when he claims he spotted the creature lurking amid the breaking waves.

The heart-stopping sign of the shark’s fin was visible above the water line in the video while its body twisted away from the pebbles.

He said it was “big” but hard to estimate exactly how long the creature was.

The Argus is contacting shark experts to get their views.

Since sharing it on his social media platforms including TikTok, Mr Coates said more than a million people have seen the footage.

“We went down there for a walk yesterday, then we saw it,” he said. “My friend was sort of freaking out. We were both running around in circles, just screaming.

“When we calmed down and got our composure we recorded it.”

On the video footage Ty used a caption: “You will never believe what we saw today.”

He is then heard saying “oh my god” as he records the short video clip of what appears to be a shark in the water off Hove.

Ty said: “I have never heard of anything like this here before. I didn’t know you could get sharks in England or in Brighton.

“It was big, and some comments on my social media said the shark looked huge. People said you can see them in the UK, but it's very rare. Perhaps it went near the shore if it was pregnant.”

The Argus: A shark-like creature was seen at Hove beachA shark-like creature was seen at Hove beach

According to the Shark Trust, there are 21 species of shark in UK waters all year round

But it is unlikely to see one during a trip to the beach. Smallspotted Catsharks and Nursehounds are most likely to leave evidence of eggs.

There are 11 deepwater shark species, including the Portuguese Dogfish, Black Dogfish, Kitefin Shark and Gulper Shark.

Basking sharks also visit UK waters.

The Trust says so-called "dangerous" sharks have never been spotted in UK waters.

The Shark Trust was contacted for comment.