ARGUS gardening columnist Geoff Stonebanks did not let the cold Bank Holiday weather stop his latest fundraising success.

Geoff has been raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support since 2012. All his fundraising support is for the Macmillan Horizon Centre and now totals in excess of £85,000. All his fundraising is garden related but never before has he had to venture completely out of his comfort zone.

When he posted on his social media that World Naked Gardening Day was taking place many friends suggested he should join in and go naked in a bid to support his charity fundraising.

Geoff Stonebanks joins in on World Naked Gardening Day

Geoff Stonebanks joins in on World Naked Gardening Day

Geoff said “My initial thoughts were ones of sheer horror and embarrassment and a definite no." Then, overnight, he thought "I can do this for a good cause”.

So bright and early on Saturday he donned his birthday suit and had his partner take a selection of shots, with strategically placed garden containers and implements to cover his modesty.

He posted three naked images of himself in the garden across his social media channels and Macmillan Cancer Support in the South East did the same too on their social media.

Amazingly, by mid-afternoon he had raised almost £600, with promises of more to come.

Geoff said “I have been blown away by the generosity of all those who have donated so far but am hoping there might be more to follow in the coming days, giving a real boost to my Macmillan Cancer Support fundraising, after a bad year in 2020 with no events taking place.”

If you want to reward Geoff’s bravery and wish to support Macmillan, either go to his website home page ( and click the Macmillan logo or go directly to his Macmillan fundraising page to make your donation.