THREE people and their dogs were rescued after they became trapped at the base of some cliffs by the incoming tide.

The Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat was launched yesterday afternoon from its base in Rye Bay.

The charity said one adult, two young people and three dogs had become stranded at the base of cliffs nearby after being cut off by the tide.

A spokesman said: "As visitors from out of town, they had been unaware of how fast the incoming tide 'floods' into the undercliff areas and how it quickly cuts off the safe route to the main beach.

"Happily everyone, including the rescued dogs, were not in need of any further assistance and the crew all returned safely.

"If you're planning a day out and intend to walk on local beaches, please do check the tide times."

The Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat works in close co-operation with HM Coastguard and the RNLI.

It relies on public donations and sponsorship to continue, and is one of only a handful of independent rescue boats still operating around the British coast.

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