KATIE Price has shown off her new engagement ring as fiancé Carl Woods revealed they want to try for two babies together.

The couple took part in their first television interview since announcing their marriage plans, appearing on Good Morning Britain today.

The former model, who was born in Brighton, told host Susanna Reid and Adil Ray about their romance after they met in Essex last year.

Within months of dating, the pair got engaged while on holiday in Turkey.

Speaking on the show, mother-of-five Katie confirmed that they were "trying" for children.

Former Love Island star Carl added: "I’d love children of my own.

"Before this I swore blind I’d never date a girl that had kids.

"I jumped in with five. They’re all good kids."

When asked how many kids he wants with Katie, the 32-year-old said "one or two."

Katie added: "When you’re in lockdown, everyone knows, you live and breathe each other 24/7."

She was asked about her previous marriages and why her latest would be any different.

Katie reflected on her time in rehab and said: "I tell you what it is, last year before I went into The Priory, I was in there for five weeks, and everything caught up with me. Media, life, I wasn't myself.

The Argus: The ring shown off by Katie Price on Good Morning Britain The ring shown off by Katie Price on Good Morning Britain

"It was about a year and a half ago now, just before lockdown, I was in a bad way and I knew I had to get help mentally, I couldn't focus on anything. It literally changed my life.

"I came out a different person, in control, I realised I am a human, I am not a product.

"I pick and choose what work I do now. If I met Carl before it wouldn't have worked.

"He's strict, he keeps me in line, I've turned mature, back to the woman I was. I don't drink, I don't party, I don't do anything now."

The pair's appearance comes after Katie was filmed laughing about her two year driving ban while ploughing through bushes in her BMW X5 on land at her "mucky mansion".

The Argus: Katie Price and Carl Woods on Good Morning Britain Katie Price and Carl Woods on Good Morning Britain

In a YouTube video, the former model was seen driving around the £2 million home in her silver 4x4, which she said she was "allowed" to do as it's her land.

She then took her vehicle for a spin around her West Sussex property with her partner Carl Woods and daughter Princess, 13.

In the video, Katie said: "It is a very hot and sweaty day, and guess what... I'm in the driving seat.

" But I am allowed because I am on my land."