A “GREEDY” carer who snatched jewellery from a pensioner on her deathbed and from adults with learning disabilities has been ordered to cough-up stolen cash.

Kelly Constable, 48, betrayed people's trust and was given three years in jail for theft following the crimes in Brighton.

She initially denied any wrongdoing, with suspicion falling on other carers who had done nothing wrong, including one at The Martlets hospice

The motivation for her crimes was “sheer greed" with Constable benefitting to the tune of at least £25,000.

After a hearing at Lewes Crown Court, she was ordered to begin paying back the money.

Constable stole from Elaine Mitchell, a blind octogenarian, who was in hospital dying from cancer.

She took "irreplaceable" jewellery worth £15,000, including gifts from Mrs Mitchell’s Christening and a piece which had been with her family since 1802.

Mrs Mitchell had trusted her as a carer, but when she went into hospital, Constable let herself into her home and helped herself to the valuables.

The pensioner's son said he felt anger and guilt at not believing his mother’s concerns about items going missing.

“I will never have the chance to apologise,” he said. “For that, I will never be able to forgive Kelly Constable.”

Constable stole the keys from around the neck of Derek Knight as he slept and took money from his safe worth £5,000.

She also stole from Vicky Roper and Jack Shepherd in a care home where she worked.

In July 2020, Constable, of Cheapside, Brighton, was jailed for three years for theft and for possession of cocaine.

His Honour Judge Mark Van Der Zwart told her: “You lined your pockets with their cash and their most treasured possessions. Your motivation was not that you had fallen on hard times beyond your control, your motivation was sheer greed.

“The monetary value was as nothing compared to the sentimental value and the great distress caused by the breach of their trust and friendship in you.

“All right thinking people will be appalled by your conduct.”

This week, at Lewes Crown Court, the judge said she would have to pay back £2,500 within three months.

He said Constable will also be liable for pay up further sums should more cash become available.

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