FATBOY Slim says he got goosebumps while DJing for 3,000 people at a Covid-safe pilot event.

The Hove DJ performed at The First Dance event in Liverpool where revellers, who all had to produce negative coronavirus tests, did not have to wear face coverings or social distance for the first time since before lockdown began.

It is hoped the event, which took place over the bank holiday weekend, will pave the way for clubs across the country to reopen their doors.

Fatboy, whose real name is Norman Cook, praised those behind the scenes who helped to make the event possible.

In a tweet he wrote: “Such a joyful night. Best government pilot scheme I’ve ever been involved in...

“Big thanks to everyone involved. If you were there last night people get your test next week, the results could help more events get up and running sooner.”

Crowds packed the Bramley-Moore Dock warehouse, dancing shoulder-to-shoulder for the first time in more than a year.

Club-goers were seen hugging and kissing each other, with some sitting on others’ shoulders for a better view of the stage.

Ticket holders were required to produce a negative Covid test result from a lateral flow test within 24 hours of the start of the event.

The tests were carried out at a local testing centre in order for the government to assess the role these centres could play as big events return.

Clubbers are encouraged to take a test five days after the night out to make sure any spread of the virus is properly monitored.

Air quality and movement was also being monitored as part of a Loughborough University-led study to create clear guidance on how to design and operate non-domestic buildings to minimise risk.

The night is part of the events research programme, which will also see crowds return to events including the FA Cup final.