SHOPPERS have been left baffled after a viral photo revealed landscape cereal boxes lined up on a shelf- instead of the traditional portrait boxes.

Social media went into meltdown after Laura Lexx, from Brighton, shared the picture on Twitter.

The image, taken from her local corner shop, showed a shelf filled with some of the biggest names in breakfast, alongside the caption; "Wtf when did cereal go landscape?".

The post quickly gained traction online, reaching 336,000 likes and hundreds of comments from baffled shoppers.]

One user wrote: "I'm gonna answer your question with another question.

"Could you just swap the Mona Lisa to landscape?

"No. Don't mess with art."

A second said: "The outrage here is that the only legitimately landscape cereal - Weetabix - has been placed in portrait orientation."

While some questioned the change in appearance, few hazard a guess as to why brands have opted to change.

One user said: "They're special boxes for corner shops etc where they don't have as much shelf space."

Another added: "Makes them easier to stack for small retailers.

"If you flip 'em they're portrait on the other side - and the box still opens the normal portrait way up, regardless of how they've been stacked."