VOODOO books are the weirdest things left behind in houses in the south west, but what about the south east?

It is quite common during a house move for items to be left behind, it is after all one of the most stressful things someone can do in their lifetime.

25 per cent of the country has admitted that they have forgotten items when moving to a new house and another 26 per cent of admitted to leaving unwanted items behind on purpose.

Some of the stuff that gets left behind is completely normal items such as greenery. In the south east 50 per cent of people admitted to leaving plants behind, the most of any region.

The Argus: Voodoo spell books were found in the south west of England.Voodoo spell books were found in the south west of England.

However, some stuff that gets left behind can provide the houses new occupants with quite a shock. Voodoo books were found in a house in the south west, which has only been ‘out-weirded’ by the south east.

A house in the South East was found containing dolls heads, which is sure to have given the new residents nightmares for a while. The discovery would have taken away from the whole dream house vibes that people picture when moving home.

Other items that were found at houses throughout the country do vary in weirdness. Wigs and McDonalds Toys were found in the north east and north west. A 1980s wedding album was found in Yorkshire and the Humber.

In the east and west midlands Halloween costumes and marijuana plants were left behind. In the east of England an entire windsurf mast was found. In Greater London though, old underwear was found by some unfortunate people.

The Argus: Weirdest items found in new homes.Weirdest items found in new homes.

WeBuyAnyHome collected the information through a series of surveys. The company found that another item that is regularly left behind, probably by accident, is money.

The South East was the third most forgetful region when it comes to leaving money behind. Eight per cent admitted to leaving money, only more people in the east and north west of England did the same.

You can see all the data here: https://www.webuyanyhome.com/whats-inside-the-uks-lost-belongings-box/