A GIANT African bullfrog named Burger, who will grow up to a whopping 24cm in length, is looking for his forever home.

The huge two-year-old frog is currently being looked after by the RSPCA Reptile Centre in Brighton, East Sussex.

But the large amphibian is hoping to find a family that will take him in - despite the fact that he is still growing.

Male African bullfrogs like Burger can grow up to a huge 9.5 inches - or 24cm - in length.

But the Brighton RSPCA Reptile Centre have described Burger as a "hardy species and a good eater".

The RSPCA said: "Burger the African bullfrog will need a very large enclosure where he has space to grow.

"Because he breathes through his skin, he needs a new home that understands he can't be touched."

African bullfrogs are carnivorous and will eat nearly any animal that they can overpower and fit in their huge mouths - which can include other species of frogs, small mammals, and even some small birds.

To enquire about adopting Burger, visit: https://www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/details/-/Animal/BURGER/ref/BSA2102908/rehome?