Last week I was bemoaning the delay in getting my greenhouse cleaned due to prolonged cold weather and not being able to empty it. I am very pleased to say that this week, I have been able to place all my succulents and other vulnerable plants back out in the garden for the summer season. Every year, I seem to accumulate more aeoniums, as they reproduce so easily. I reckon I put out over 40 various-sized terracotta containers this week and laid them out in three distinctive displays around the back garden. The main display is banked up against the side of the summer house, they stand out so well set against its sage green colour. I have a number of various rusty metal stands picked up from the recycling centre over the years enabling me to create the different levels.

I also use the painted frame of an old dining room chair, also sage green, in which to place containers too, this, coupled with a small display table a friend made for me a few years ago, creates a lovely eye-catching feature you could create on a patio or apartment balcony.

I have a large raised bed, created from some new railway sleepers, in the centre of the plot and bury plastic containers of succulents that have been over-wintered in the heated greenhouse in the soil with rocks and other ornaments to create a lovely display. The third area is closer to the house and has a range of containers sitting in a flower bed, levelled off and topped with shingle. There are a few large cacti intermingled in the displays too.

This weekend sees Garden Day celebrated on Sunday. It is all about sitting back and enjoying the green space you love. Thousands of people are doing the same in Candide. For those that are unaware, it is a really useful app for your phone that gardeners use to keep in touch with each other, post images and it will even identify plants for you. From botanical cocktails to decadent decorations, find all the inspiration you need to get your green space beautiful for the big day. Just go to to learn about the app and how to be part of the 2021 event. Everyone is invited from balcony and indoor gardeners to flower border fanatics and lawn devotees.

Tag your posts to share your celebration with friends, family, and fellow plant lovers online. Everyone who shares a celebration post on Garden Day and uses the hashtag #GardenDayUK will be entered into a draw to win one of ten £100 National Garden Gift vouchers.

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