FESTIVALGOERS have shared their "heartbreak" over the cancellation of Brighton Pride.

The annual festival that sees thousands of people flock to the city to celebrate the LGTQ+ community was called off the second year.

Devastated fans festival took to social media to share their disappointment at the news, as they are forced to wait another year to celebrate in the city's streets.

Writing on Twitter, one user said they hoped the event would return in 2022.

They said: "So sad this isn't taking place.

"Hopefully next year things will be better in the UK and Pride can take place."

Another user, Laura Kate Dale said: "Not at all surprised that Brighton Pride is cancelled again for this year.

"We're looking at mid-September before all UK adults have had both vaccine doses pus the two weeks wait for effectiveness to hit.

Damian Barr added: "What are we going to do without Brighton Pride?

"How can we [safely] bring togetherness & joy to those who need it most?

"Lockdown has been hard for all and even harder for marginalised communities who start out with fewer spaces and chances for connection and support.

"What to do?"

Another user added: "Oh dear!

"Well maybe my debut at Brighton Pride just isn’t meant to be.

"Maybe next year."

The Argus: Thousands of people take part in Brighton Pride Thousands of people take part in Brighton Pride

While another said: "First brighton pride is cancelled and now I’ve used up the four years of having student premium on Spotify, can this day get any worse?"

Organisers were left "devastated" after they were forced to cancel Brighton Pride for a second time, over uncertainties around mass gatherings.

The annual festival that sees thousands of people flock to the city to celebrate the LGTQ+ community was called off.

It means the celebrations that were due to take place this year on August 7 and August 8 will no longer go ahead.

In a statement that followed the announcement, Nick Hibberd, Brighton and Hove City Council’s executive director for economy, environment and culture, said: “We’re very sorry that the in-person Pride events need to be cancelled again this year.

“They are very important community events in our city’s cultural calendar promoting LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion and will be much missed.

“We’ve been in regular discussion with Pride through the city’s multi-agency safety advisory group. Even with restrictions starting to ease, it’s clear managing large events safely remains a huge challenge.

“Keeping everyone safe and Covid rates low remains our priority. With that in mind, we fully support the decision.

“We will continue working with Pride to support the smaller events arranged this year and help manage a safe city over the traditional Pride weekend at the beginning of August.

“We look forward to working together next year to make sure our city’s full Pride celebrations can return better than ever.”