ARGUS readers have reacted to the new public toilets on the seafront - with one describing them as "absolutely awful".

It comes after multiple sets of portable toilets were installed ahead of the busy summer months.

Some residents have not taken kindly to the new lavatories.

The new toilets have been criticised for being in the "wrong place" and described as "horrid to look at".

People shared their views about the new seafront toilets on social media.

John Watson said: “Wrong place for these ones (opposite Brunswick Square).

"One of the lovely things about Hove Lawns is the view down the length of them.

“These should go just around the corner on the promenade, where there’s an empty bay for benches.

"That would provide a lobby of sorts if the loo doors shouldn’t be facing seaward.”

Debi Devlin said: “Horrid to look at and absolutely awful to use and never kept clean in my experience.”

While Gay Holiday Places, a gay and lesbian holiday company, called the toilets: “A bloody disgrace.”

Not everyone was against the new toilets, with call for more permanent ones to be built.

Michael Coyne said: “Toilets are always good.

"Surprises me that they don’t invest in more permanent structures though.”

Mark Packwood said: “People - Temporary loos! To solve a short-term problem.

"If they satisfy demand, then the next step is the provision of more permanent loos.”

The 24 temporary toilets will be in place for 18 weeks until the beginning of September.

They will be cleaned three times a day at the weekends, bank holidays and school holidays, and twice on weekdays.

The Argus: The toilets fell over earlier in the week.The toilets fell over earlier in the week.

Last week, one of the toilets was blown over by high winds - fortunately it was empty at the time.