Little Moons mochi desserts became a hit on video-sharing platform TikTok - but where can you buy them in the UK?

Little Moons are a Japanese-inspired dessert that consist of mini ice cream balls wrapped in a thin layer of rice flour dough called "mochi".  

They come in a range of flavours including Alphonso Mango, Sumatran Coconut and Vegan Chocolate, and cost £4.50 for a box of six. 

But shoppers across the UK have been left disappointed because they have been sold out for months.

The Argus: Little Moons are a Japanese-inspired dessertLittle Moons are a Japanese-inspired dessert

The demand for Little Moons has been driven by a viral trend on TikTok that sees users filming their attempts at searching for the treats and experimenting with mixing flavours. 

A search for #LittleMoonsMochi on TikTok, reveals almost 8.1 million users have viewed videos about the treats.

Here's where to buy Little Moons in the UK:

Today the treats are sold in Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Wholefoods as well as their own pop-up in Selfridges Food Hall.  

The brand currently sells 12 flavours, including Himalayan Salted Caramel, Summer Raspberry and Uji Matcha Green Tea.  

All three supermarkets have a limited selection, but you can buy all 12 flavours through online supermarket Ocado, which includes three vegan flavours.

A box of Little Moons costs £4.50.

And if you're in the right area, you can order Little Moons via Deliveroo under Honi Poke, Farmshop, and Sushi Daily.

We asked Tesco to provide us a list of stores selling the dessert but they declined.

Waitrose and Sainsbury's confirmed the dessert is sold in stores with a sushi counter.

Ocado said: "Since December we've seen a whopping 1279 per cent increase in searches for Little Moons on and that number nearly doubled again after we posted our full range (all 12 flavours – the biggest range of any supermarket) on our Instagram page last week.

"Vegan passionfruit and mango has proved most popular with our customers so far, with sales up 376 per cent YoY."

And Amazon told customers they would be restocking as soon as possible.

Social media reaction:

Social media users who haven't been able to find the treats in their local supermarkets to get involved in the viral trend on TikTok, have taken to Twitter venting their frustrations.