A ROAD rage driver reversed over a man’s foot during an argument in a Burger King car park.

William Young saw red after he crashed his Audi A3 into another vehicle in Shripney Road, Bognor.

The 22-year-old admitted to victim Mark Gilbert he was not paying attention, and the two went to the fast food restaurant car park to exchange details.

Young became abusive and threatening and shouted: “There’s no f****** damage.”

After returning to his vehicle he revved the engine then reversed over Mr Gilbert, who was standing by the driver’s door and was dragged under the wheel.

Young then drove off over a grass verge and cycle lane, before abandoning his car and running away in a “moment of recklessness and stupidity”.

Mr Gilbert suffered leg injuries and was unconscious, and was left needing weeks of treatment.

Young was found guilty of dangerous driving, despite claiming he was acting in self-defence.

At Lewes Crown Court Her Honour Judge Janet Waddicor imposed an 18-month suspended prison sentence.

Lewes Crown Court.

Lewes Crown Court.

Lyndon Harris, prosecuting, revealed the incident took place in May 2019, and said there was a low-speed collision.

Mr Gilbert was travelling in the second vehicle with his wife.

At first the defendant, then aged 19, had apologised, but then turned confrontational.

It was revealed that Young had taken cocaine the night before, but claimed it was not behind his poor driving.

Mr Gilbert said: “It was a really scary moment, I could see my wife was emotional, that was not nice to see.

“I have never been taken to hospital by ambulance before, I had my clothes cut off. For four or five weeks after this I was not able to look after myself.”

It was revealed the incident put a huge strain on the couple. Mr Gilbert added: “Overall the experience has been really horrible.”

Aphra Bruce-Jones, defending, said her client had acted out of character. He lost his job in accountancy, where he had hoped to build his career.

He has since lost his job with a home improvements firm because he has been banned from driving.

“He was driven by the impulse of panic and fear,” she said. “He shows remorse for his stupidity and recklessness that day. This has been an enormously sobering occasion.”

Judge Waddicor said Young’s “panic and fear” was because of his “cowardice” in the belief that the police might show up and find out he was driving with cocaine in his system.

The judge said: “You had a road collision and sensibly agreed to go somewhere where details could be exchanged. You ended up in the car park at Burger King.

The incident unfolded at the car park of Burger King in Shripney Road, Bognor

The incident unfolded at the car park of Burger King in Shripney Road, Bognor

“As Mr Gilbert’s wife inspected the damage, you became aggressive. Even if there was no damage , you didn’t need to become aggressive. You were perhaps thinking that you did not want the police to become involved. There were traces of cocaine in your system.

“Tempers raised and you became aggressive. You started to reverse the car and accelerated quickly.

“It ended with Mr Gilbert being dragged under your car. Everyone’s first thought was concern for Mr Gilbert, but you drove off.

“This is a clear example of road rage. You caused serious injuries to Mr Gilbert. He could have been killed by your actions.”

Young, 22, Hook Lane, Bognor, was given a suspended sentence and was ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work and 20 rehabilitation sessions. He must also pay a £140 surcharge and £750 compensation to Mr Gilbert. He was banned from driving for 18-months and must take an extended retest before he is allowed back on the road.

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