ANTI-LOCKDOWN protesters brought city centre traffic to a standstill as about 1,000 demonstrators marched through the streets.

Crowds began gathering at Brighton Station shortly after noon, handing out flyers while chanting “you can stick your Covid passport up your a***”.

The meeting point for the protest was at Hove Lawns Peace Statue, where protesters gathered from 1pm.

The Argus:

From there, protesters held banners, blew whistles and shouted "freedom" as they walked along the seafront. 

The Argus tried to speak to protesters during a Facebook Live broadcast.

This was brought to an end after a protester took offence to the reporter wearing a mask and questioned whether he was an “infiltrator”.

Seafront traffic was brought to a halt as the protesters crossed the A259 road near Brighton Palace Pier.

The large crowd walked past Steine Gardens while a loud-speaker played a rap song with the lyrics “don’t take the vaccine”.

Honks of support could be heard as the protesters made their way up North Street. 

The Argus:

City centre traffic was brought to a standstill while the protesters walked up the road. Brighton and Hove Buses had previously warned of travel disruption.

The marchers walked along New Road after a police motorbike blocked access to the rest of North Street leaving the queue of buses and passengers free to move once again.

A woman with a microphone berated customers as they enjoyed food and drink in New Road restaurants. Another protester tried to "educate" people laughing at the group.

Some cheered in support, but another passerby shouted “we have a doctor over here” at the protester.

Speaking to The Argus, the protester said: “I’m here personally to stand up for my freedoms, to stand up against lockdowns, to stand up against business closures – forced business closures.

“They told you two weeks to flatten the curve, to voluntarily close your business. Now voluntary has turned into mandated masks.”

The Argus:

Officers from Sussex Police walked with the group as it progressed through the North Lane and back to Brighton Station.

There were chants of “shame on you" as the crowd arrived outside the BBC offices in Queen's Road.

Several protesters put stickers on the building such as “resist the new normal” and “stay free”.

The Argus:

The march finished back at the Peace Statue where speeches were given by the attendees.

A protester explained to The Argus that people were taking part for a variety of different reasons.

At another demonstration, he said, one protester was marching after losing two people to suicide through lockdown.

A man with a microphone walked through the crowds advertising another march in Bournemouth, due to take place on May 22.