AN ARGUS reporter received abuse from protesters at the anti-lockdown demonstration this weekend because he was wearing a mask.

Members of the public faced similar taunts as the demonstrators walked through the streets.

As hundreds watched the event live on Facebook, a protester told our reporter to remove his mask – questioning whether he was an “infiltrator”.

He was one of several that mocked and ridiculed our journalist for wearing a mask at the gathering.

The live stream was brought to an end without readers being able to put questions to the protesters.

For many watching online, the bizarre exchange provided some light-afternoon entertainment.

“What’s the point of being here if you’re not going to support the people,” a protester said. But The Argus had sent a reporter to the protest, not a supporter.

The Argus:

We did this so the group which brought city-centre traffic to a standstill had the chance to air their grievances. But, unfortunately, many refused to explain what these were to the public when offered the opportunity.

The actions of these individuals are a disservice to those on the march who sincerely wished to express their view.

A demonstrator later told The Argus that a protester on another march joined it because he had lost two friends to suicide during lockdown.

In which case, it is understandable that someone would look for an outlet for their anger in such tragic circumstances.

But, we guess, for some protesters at least, their calls for freedom do not extend to the freedom to wear a mask.