A DANGEROUS motorbike rider has been banned over footage showing him doing a wheelie manoeuvre.

Oliver Summers narrowly missed potholes on the A24 northbound at Southwater near Horsham.

But he was filmed by a police officer who was a passenger in a vehicle.

PC Darren Balkham said the biker risked his own life and said the “stupidity” could have caused heartache.

At Crawley Magistrates’ Court Summers admitted dangerous driving and was banned for 15 months.

The incident happened between Southwater and the Hop Oast roundabout on February 20 this year.

Crawley Magistrates Court

Crawley Magistrates' Court

PC Balkham said: “As a road user, the manner of riding I witnessed fell way below what I’d expect of a safe and competent motorcyclist.

“Had the rider come off his bike, he could have caused serious injury or worse to himself or someone else.

“This is a main road we’re talking about – not a race track – and there is no place for this sort of behaviour on our roads.

“A momentary act of stupidity could cause a lifetime of heartache for a lot of people. Dangerous driving or riding has serious ramifications, not least a criminal record which will affect this rider for years to come.

“In my role as Dedicated Football Officer for Surrey and Sussex Police, I know that the overwhelming majority of football fans are responsible and law abiding, but there’s always a small minority who let themselves down and give others a bad name.

“The same can be said of motorists, and it’s the small number who misuse our roads – and risk the lives of themselves and others – who we will continue to take action against.”

Summers, of Brighton Road Worthing, was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and court costs worth £180.

Oliver Summers has been banned from driving after he was caught doing a wheelie on the A24 near Horsham

Oliver Summers has been banned from driving after he was caught doing a wheelie on the A24 near Horsham

He claimed responsibility and conceded the manner of his riding was unacceptable.

Sussex Roads Policing Unit Chief Inspector Michael Hodder said: “This case demonstrates how officers from different divisions work together to achieve our three force priorities: to protect communities, catch criminals and deliver an outstanding service.

“It also shows that we may not be everywhere all the time, but we could be anywhere at any time.”

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