THE latest Covid-19 vaccine statistics for Brighton, published recently by The Argus, unearthed a startling difference between the highest and the lowest coverages of two of the city's areas.

Whilst 73.4 per cent of Rottingdean and Saltdean's residents, over the age of 16, had received their first jabs, the figure for Coldean and Moulsecoomb was conspicuously lower, coming out as just 29 per cent, which, to my mind, is an absolutely massive difference.

Why was that, I wonder, especially when they are parts of the same city and separated by only six or seven miles?

Was it down to a wide difference of age groups in these two areas of the city?

Could it have been because one of them has a higher concentration of students living there than the other?

Did one neighbourhood have more, or better, vaccination centres than the other?

I haven't got any answers to this conundrum so perhaps The Argus's esteemed editor could dispatch one of his intrepid reporters with instructions to delve deep and solve the mystery of the missing jabs.

Eric Waters