AN INCREASE in parking charges at carparks across the city has been slammed by readers.

The Argus asked its readers whether they will be affected by the changes to on-street paid parking and council-run car parking charges that came into force yesterday.

The changes mean it will cost more to park in many areas of the city and a number will have parking operating times extended.

Parking charges at car parks have risen by an average of between 10 and 15 per cent.

Facebook user Shaun Bellinger said: “Yet another nail in the coffin of Brighton retailers and restaurateurs.

“Given the pandemic and lockdowns/shutdown that these businesses have suffered, this is a ridiculous decision.”

Tin Anscombe added: “Nothing like keeping visitors out of Brighton as well as s******* those of us that live here.”

Another Facebook User Kim Saxon said: “Just another reason to work from home on the regular. The costs are already astronomical.

“You know there’s a huge problem when it’s more expensive to park in Brighton for a day than in Monaco or St Tropez.”

Sally Ansell said Brighton needs more parking and residents and visitors are being “ripped off” because of a lack of spaces.

While Sally Berril, said that Brighton needed a “properly running public transport system” to discourage people from using a car to travel around the city.

One the other hand, reader Jodie Mitchell praised public transport in the city.

She wrote: “I’d never bother with a car as long as I’m in Brighton. Don’t see the point with it being a small city and good bus service. Cheaper that way.”

Brighton and Hove City Council say the changes have been introduced to “improve air quality in the city, encourage more active and sustainable travel, and reach our goal of being a carbon neutral city by 2030".

It added that any surplus money generated by the changes to parking charges, after direct costs, will be invested back into the local transport network.