PEOPLE have been left scratching their heads after spotting a bin lorry that looks like a giant revolving Coca-Cola can.

The new garbage truck, spotted in Rowan Avenue, Hove, has the words “Rotopress” emblazoned on its side in branding similar to the soft drink.

The Rotopress is a waste collection vehicle manufactured in Germany, which has a rotating drum that compacts and stores the garbage.

It is being trialled by the council this week and it is thought it "may be easier to get around the city" due to its size.

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “We are committed to having a carbon neutral vehicle fleet by 2030.

“We have already started replacing our vans, and have a number of electric vehicles. 

“The vehicle pictured is a Rotopress truck that we’re trialling this week. It is shorter than the normal trucks, so may be easier to get around the city.

“It is one of a few new vehicles we will be trailing over the coming months. 

“This particular example is not electric. But it is available in either electric or hydrogen / electric hybrid – which is what we’d go for if we were to purchase one.

“We are due to take delivery of one electric truck in August, with three more following after that.” 

Twitter users have comments on its likeness to a can of the world's most popular soft drink.

"Is it just me or does that garbage lorry colour scheme look like a Coca-Cola can turn on its side," said one user.

"Looks like a giant can of coke," Tweeted Brighton and Hove Taxis boss, Andrew Cheeseman.

The council spokesman is looking into whether a potential purchase would include the Coke-style branding.