A LARGE seagull has been caught on camera devouring a pigeon in a children's playground.

The video was taken in the play area in Fleet Street, Brighton.

In the video, taken on Wednesday, May 5, the huge animal can be seen walking over to the pigeon before picking it up and swallowing it whole.

It then proceeds to slowly walk away from the scene of the crime and perch itself on top of a tunnel in the children's play area.

Tyrone Campbell took the video and said an owner of a small dog is wary of the animal.

He told The Argus: "The huge prehistoric seagull with black wings always sits on the top of Embankment House on the corner overlooking a massive part of Fleet Street.

"I spoke to a resident that afternoon with a small Chihuahua in the flats across the road and showed them the video.

"They always have their Chihuahua on the balcony. She was horrified and is now going to be keeping an eye on him.

"I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing’, so I felt the best thing to do is to get my phone out and record the destruction and make people aware with small dogs or small pets.

"Covid has changed the world we live in all the way down to the bottom of the food chain."

The Argus: The giant bird was caught on camera The giant bird was caught on camera

This month The Argus reported about a giant African bullfrog named Burger, who will grow up to a whopping 24cm in length, is currently looking for his forever home.

The huge two-year-old frog is being looked after by the RSPCA Reptile Centre in Brighton, East Sussex.

But the large amphibian is hoping to find a family that will take him in - despite the fact that he is still growing.

Male African bullfrogs like Burger can grow up to a huge 9.5 inches - or 24cm - in length.

But the Brighton RSPCA Reptile Centre have described Burger as a "hardy species and a good eater".

The RSPCA said: "Burger the African bullfrog will need a very large enclosure where he has space to grow.

"Because he breathes through his skin, he needs a new home that understands he can't be touched."