A TEENAGE thief has been jailed over his role in stealing a man’s motorbike.

Jack Jones drove a van while his friend attempted to load the bike into the vehicle in Brighton.

The 19-year-old watched as the owner of the Ducati realised someone was interfering with his motorbike.

He went out to investigate, and the accomplice kicked him in the head and chest.

The victim was found by his wife lying on the floor with bruises and cuts, and because of hospital treatment he was not able to start his new business.

Later the motorbike was found dumped, and the damage was so bad it had to be written-off.

Lewes Crown Court heard how the incident happened on February 3 this year, during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ellie Sheahan, prosecuting, said the victim had to pay a £2,000 excess on his insurance and costs relating to the seizure of his motorbike.

Lee Surgent, defending, said it was not Jones who had committed the assault and said there was not enough evidence to show it was a joint enterprise incident where his client knew violence would be used.

The scaffolder, now 19, has previous convictions as a youth, and admitted theft.

His Honour Judge Mark Van Der Zwart said Jones, of East Rochester Way, Bexleyheath, has had previous chances to comply with the courts.

He said: “On the afternoon of February 3, during the coronavirus lockdown, when people should only have been out and about for essential journeys or for work, the victim noticed his vehicle was being moved.

“He went to investigate and saw a person trying to load the motorcycle into a van bearing false number plates. The person driving the van was you.

“The passenger in the van then kicked the owner to the head and body, causing him to fall to the ground. Then you drove off.

“The victim’s wife found him lying on the ground with bruising and cuts to the face. The van was later found abandoned.”

The judge said Jones had caused anxiety to the victim and his wife and said the sentence would merit a prison sentence.

“I have to ask myself if a sentence can be suspended,” the judge said. “I have to ask if you represent a danger to the public, and you are certainly a high risk to the public.

“Your poor compliance with court orders you have had and a series of youth rehabilitation orders, most recently in April 2019, shows all attempts at rehabilitation have not worked.

“At the moment there is no prospect of rehabilitation, so the sentence cannot be suspended.”

The judge jailed Jones for one year.

Sussex Police was contacted over whether there was an image of Jack Jones available.