I AM WRITING to express my pleasure at the way your newspaper reported the demonstration which took place in Brighton on Saturday, May 8, to protest against the way in which the government is handling the Covid situation and the measures which are being imposed upon us.

The article, by your reporter Jody Doherty-Cove, was balanced and fair, unlike recent reports in the national press about demonstrations elsewhere in the country.

In particular, although your reporter pointed out the negative, somewhat antisocial acts on the part of some demonstrators which regrettably took place, he also described some of the important reasons why many people were marching – against repeated lockdowns, business closures, masks, vaccines and the sad number of suicides which have happened as a result of the Covid measures.

Please thank your reporter for his article.

I hope that our actions last Saturday will go some way towards making more people question what exactly is happening in Britain today and why, and whether the government response is appropriate.

Liz Brynin

Rowan Avenue