A LITTLE boy has been hailed a hero after he calmly called 999 for help when his mother collapsed at home.

Monty Baker, who was five at the time, raised the alarm when his pregnant mum Amber collapsed on the floor of their home near Chichester.

Monty, who was at home with his baby sister, called 999 and spoke to contact handler Holly Simmons, who described him as "so calm and brave".

She said: "It was easy to keep him talking until officers arrived.

"He gave me his mother’s name, his address and he made sure the door was open.

"We talked about his little sister, his lunch at Granny’s and he answered my questions on how his mother was and what he had done when she had fainted before.

"He is such a lovely boy and a joy to talk to."

Monty even cycled over to his grandparents’ home to get them after he had called the police.

His mum Amber said: "I am so proud of him. He is such a blessing and an inspiration to me every day."

The Argus:

To help celebrate his quick-thinking, officers from Chichester Neighbourhood Policing Team bought Monty a model police car and other gifts for his sixth birthday, which Chief Inspector Nick Bowman presented to Monty, along with a special certificate from Chief Constable Jo Shiner.

Chief Constable Shiner said: "You have to agree that Monty is quite the hero.

"It isn’t the first time that he has called us, calmly asking for our help.

"We are so impressed at how brave he is and his mum couldn’t be more proud.

"Holly did a brilliant job in gathering information from Monty and keeping him calm until help arrived."