CYCLISTS have been warned not to use a new lane yet after reports it is "dangerously slippery".

Brighton and Hove City Council has been installing a protected two-way cycle lane on the south side of the carriageway in Madeira Drive over the past few weeks.

The council said the new lane will replace the pavement cycle lane to “create additional space for pedestrians”.

However cyclists have reported slipping and skidding on the new lane, and pictures show water pooling on its green surface after rainfall this week.

The Argus: Photo: Paul BatchelorPhoto: Paul Batchelor

Writing on Twitter, Paul Batchelor said he had seen cyclists leaving the new lane in favour of the old one, and described the lane as "dangerously slippery".

He shared photos and wrote: "You can see water is beading like on the paint of a freshly waxed car, suggesting it is impervious and as such not an appropriate surface for bikes or pedestrians crossing."

Conservative councillor Robert Nemeth said he was also aware of the dangers on the new cycle lane.

Cllr Nemeth, who represents Wish ward, said: "A theme throughout this cycle lane roll-out process has been the complete lack of interest from Green and Labour Councillors in important features of the project.

"This has seen disabled residents treated appallingly, pollution levels undoubtedly rising, and now cyclists being put in harm’s way.

The Argus:

"A cursory cycle along the seafront lanes, which I have done many times, highlights all sorts of dangers.

"I’m surprised that no coalition councillor has done this.

"If you put an impermeable surface on such a flat road, the water will just sit on it and it won't be predictable for cyclists either. It's a fundamental design issue."

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove City Council said the Madeira Drive cycle lane has been fenced off as it is "not ready for public use".

She said: “We would like to remind cyclists that the new cycle lane on Madeira Drive is not ready for public use yet and is barriered off.

“We will be carrying out final tests, including skid resistance, on the new cycle lane before we open it.

“Please do not use it until then.”