A HUGE new Aldi will increase traffic and create a "sea of car parking", according to environmental campaigners.

The budget supermarket chain is planning to build a new store at the roundabout junction with the A27 at the top of King George VI Avenue in Hove.

Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth (BHFOE) said it is "strongly opposed" to Aldi’s proposals to build the food store at the top of Toads Hole Valley.

It believes the development will increase traffic and carbon emissions at a time when the city "needs to be drastically reducing emissions and encouraging more people to walk and cycle".

Chris Todd, from BHFOE, said: “This is a 20th century out of town development, not suitable for the 21st century during a climate emergency.

Chris Todd from Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth

Chris Todd from Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth

"Stand-alone stores like this need to be consigned to history as we look to develop integrated communities putting people first.

“The store is surrounded by a sea of car parking in an area where very few people would be likely to walk or cycle given the busy roads and absence of pavements.

"There is no suitable bus service, the nearest being the infrequent 21, accessible through a gap in a wall.

"Overall, the store would increase traffic, congestion and pollution, undermining our ability to reduce carbon emissions."

The campaigners are calling on the Brighton and Hove City Council "not to fall for the greenwash" from Aldi with talk of a green roof and other features.

While these have merit, BHFOE says, the location and focus on car access "undermines everything else".

Aldi aims to build between 110-120 car parking spaces, build 12 electric vehicle charging points, install 26 new cycle spaces, and generate 50 new jobs.

BHFOE claims the 26 cycle parking stands are" just box-ticking" with the development "doing nothing to make the roads safe for people to cycle to the store".

Mr Todd added: “If there is a real need for a new store there must be other more suitable sites, including a more central location within Toads Hole Valley.

Aldis vision for its new store in Hove

Aldi's vision for its new store in Hove

"This would reduce car use as more people would be able to walk and cycle to it and it would be better connected to bus services.

"However, Aldi would still have to demonstrate the need for one as there is currently no provision for it in the City Plan.”

Aldi wants the new supermarket to serve Hove residents and traffic off the A27.

The store plans to open between 8am and 10pm on Monday to Saturday, and operate with reduced hours of 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

Aldi expects two or three deliveries per day every day, with four per day in busier times at Christmas.

It is reported that deliveries will start “ideally” from about 5am. Delivery trucks will come in off the A27 and then leave off the A27.

Aldi was contacted for comment on the BHFOE claims.

A spokesman previously said: “We have long wanted to expand the offer of its amazing value and choice to residents of Hove, Withdean and Hangleton.

“And the site next to Toad’s Hole Valley development is the ideal location.”